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Plexus – Lexus Program

on January 20, 2014

What is the Plexus Worldwide Program?

The Plexus Worldwide Lexus Program is an incentive reward offered to Ambassadors who achieve and maintain the position Emerald and Diamond in the Plexus Worldwide Compensation Plan. Independent Ambassadors who qualify for this program, acquire a Qualifying LEXUS, and properly communicate their acquisition of their car to Plexus Worldwide will qualify for monthly bonus payments according to their rank, volume, and adherence to the Plexus Worldwide LEXUS program guidelines.

The Plexus Worldwide LEXUS program is designed to reward our top Ambassadors for their continued efforts with a superior luxury car that also serves as a great tool for building their Plexus Worldwide Business.1511193_10152474096595968_1617610212_n

Qualification Requirements

In order to qualify for the Plexus Worldwide LEXUS Program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be an Active Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide Inc.
  • You must have your Auto Qualification turned on.
  • You must achieve the rank of Emerald or Diamond.

Meeting these requirements is the first step towards becoming eligible to receive a monthly LEXUS Bonus.


Your Welcome Packet

When you qualify for the Plexus Worldwide LEXUS Program, you will receive an official welcome letter via E-mail and mail from Plexus Worldwide.

  • Official Welcome Letter
    • This letter is your official welcome to the LEXUS Program, and necessary for you to qualify for bonus payments. You are not authorized to begin the program until you have received this letter, reviewed the Program Guidelines, and returned a signed copy of the acknowledgement page of the Program Guidelines to Plexus Worldwide corporate.

Acquiring your LEXUS

Working with the Dealer of your choice (Preferred Dealers are available from Plexus) to find your desired car, you will be responsible for negotiating the terms of your car deal. As long as it is a qualifying LEXUS, you will be eligible to receive bonuses.

Qualifying Emerald Lexus options:

  • ES 350 – Starfire Pearl
  • GS 350 – Starfire Pearl
  • RX 350 – Starfire Pearl

Qualifying Diamond Lexus options:

  • IS 350 C – Obsidian
  • LS 460 – Obsidian
  • GX 460 – Black Onyx

Plexus will pay the monthly bonus for a period of 24 months. For the bonuses to continue for additional 24 month time periods, the lease or purchase of a new Plexus Lexus will be necessary.

Leasing or purchasing the vehicle will make you eligible for the full $500 or $1,000 monthly bonus for the length of your lease. If your lease expires and you do not lease another LEXUS, you will no longer be eligible for the respective bonus.

If you advance from Emerald to Diamond, it will be necessary to lease one of the Diamond Lexus options in order to receive the Diamond monthly bonus of $1,000.


In some cases, you can arrange to have your car delivered to a Plexus Worldwide event. Working with your dealership, this option will allow you to be presented your new LEXUS as part of a Plexus Worldwide local or national event.


Once you submit your completed paperwork, Plexus Worldwide will send you your Plexus branding kit, complete with the following items.

  • “Paid for by Plexus Worldwide” license plate frame
  • Plexus Worldwide silver emblem
  • Co-branded Plexus Lexus key fob
  • Plexus branded document holder

Marketing & Testimonies

Once you receive your LEXUS, we ask that you provide a picture and testimony to so that we may feature you in upcoming Plexus Worldwide print, web, and marketing pieces.


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